Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) is an organization committed Muslims issues and concerns that especially impact indigenous Muslims—issues and concerns that we feel have been largely neglected. With the launch of this web site we are inviting masjids, organizations and individuals to join MANA.
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Conference Resolutions


Reaffirming the goal of MANA to decrease the rate at which formerly incarcerated Muslims return to prison, while helping Muslims returned from prison successfully integrate into and become contributing members of the Muslim community and society in general; Task Force on Re-entry resolves to: 

  1. Establish a national network of Muslim institutions, agencies, organizations and individuals that serve the population of "Muslims retuning to society from incarceration" during periods of their incarceration and after.
  2. Develop and strengthen collaborations with current service providers who can help 
  3. Develop and disseminate a knowledge base of best practices needed to effectively assist those we serve
  4. Advocate and organize with others around mutual needs, issues and concerns. 
  5. Standardize the language of "Muslims returning to society from incarceration" as the distinguishing language that we use in our programs and efforts so that our work emphasizes the humanity of the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated while attempting to foster a positive self-concept among those we serve and among those who serve.
  6. Implement a resource development plan that identifies and secures funding from a comprehensive array of sources which will enhance the national efforts of MANA as well as those within the re-entry network that is designed to build operational capacity for the provision of services, resources and technical support that aid Muslims returning to society from incarceration.
  7. Link our efforts with the needs of Muslims that immigrate or migrate to this country from other lands, since some of the issues of readjustment and acclimation to society are similar.


We, the Young Adults of the Blackamerican Muslim Community in the effort to implement solutions and contribute positively to the development of the Blackamerican Muslim ummah, resolve:

  1. In the spirit of self reliance in order to connect young adult Muslims to bring awareness to the positive projects in our ummah: develop a networking mechanism that will consist of regional and local gatherings in major cities, build an email list that will evolve into the MANA young adult professional database in an effort to come together within a year and half time from this date to talk about projects nationally and report on progress. 
  2. To document our history and coordinate oral history efforts, we propose the following workflow. 3 months out: do an audit of current projects, and locate community and content experts and resources. 6-9 months: network with African American genealogical societies and community. 1 year: put on a showcase and film festival to share projects. The future goal is to develop a means of archiving our history, and eventually to develop a management, deployment, and distribution plan. 
  3. The Blackamerican Muslim community is encouraged to adopt a principle of recognition, representation, acknowledgement, and affirmation regarding gender and age as integral to our community development. 


Statement: We recognize that indigenization of Islamic understanding is a process facilitated by Islamic scholarship, as well as personal and communal practice and behavior. Thus we agree upon the following resolutions and tasks of implementation:

Agreed Upon Resolutions

I.   We resolve to support the formation of an indigenous Muslim intelligentsia    

  1.  Form a national network of indigenous American scholars, whom imams from the “people of the land” can consult for rulings.    (Deadline: 6 months for compilation of the list of scholars and ratifying the formation of the fiqh committee)  
  2. Design a curriculum for training of indigenous imams in knowledge and skills necessary for serving and guiding indigenous Muslims in America   (Deadline: 6 months for creation of curriculum)                                                

II.    We resolve to work to increase the education of the Muslim masses

  1. Design by the above group a curriculum for guidance and instruction
  2. Implementation of masjid-based educational programs for adults- both men women and children, based upon said curriculum.
  3. Said curriculum shall include the work of scholarship of women as a reference

III. We resolve to work to rid our community of elements and values that are detrimental to our development

  1.  Form a committee for the study and review of said elements and values.
  2. Conduct said study and review
  3. Identify those elements or values which are harmful or detrimental
  4. Disseminate said findings or determinations throughout Muslim communities in America, masaajid and organizations of the land

IV.  We resolve to work to increase cooperation  amongst indigenous Muslims

  1. Form a committee for the establishment of intra-faith dialogue
  2. Seek during said dialogue to accentuate positive accomplishments and commonalities across the spectrum of the Muslim American experience.
  3. Study and practice (adab al-ikhtilaaf) etiquettes of disagreement according to agreed upon shariah rules.

V.     We resolve to strengthen the Masjid as an Institution in America

  1. Join congregations and promote committed membership in them.
  2. Encourage imams to make masaajid user-friendly institutions
  3. Encourage worshippers and believers to ask  themselves what they can do to make masaajid viable and sustainable
  4. Work to eliminate isolation and disconnection with our families, and within and between jamaa’aat and masaajid
  5. Promote leadership on various levels within jamaa’aat and masaajid
  6. Embrace the culture of social justice that exists as a natural element of the indigenous American experience.

VI.  We resolve to work to preserve our distinct history as Muslims in America.

  1. Establish our own ‘tabaqaat’ through narrative, recording and documentation

VII.   We resolve to promote al-Islam as a productive way of life in America.

  1. Strive to live as indigenous Muslim Americans in a holistic way
  2. Encourage the assumption of responsibility for living and practicing Islam amongst all indigenous Muslims. (i.e. propagate through example)


  1. The formation of a national youth council
  2. Outreach to get 200 or more youth to attend the MANA conference next year.
  3. Start a scholarship fund and have $10,000 in it by 12 months.


Hold an educational conference within 6-9 months. Create drafts of the following to be presented and finalized at the educational conference:

Community Sub-committee: 

  • Organizational plan that encourages communities to concentrate Muslim students into pre-selected schools for empowerment.

Parents Sub-committee: 

  • Pamphlet for parents, "Survival guide to public schools". 
  • FAQs and Tips and Tricks to parenting a Muslim child who attends public school.
  • Survey of parents to quantify the needs, suggestions, and desires of parents in regards to education (Islamic, charter, home school, public, etc.)

Students Sub-committee:

Create a curriculum that:

  • Teaches knowledge of self through a historical look at the Prophets, through the spread of Islam through Africa, to the spread of Islam in the US.
  • Guides communities, schools, parents, as to the fundamentals of Islam and its practical implementation in America
  • Extra-curricular guide for schools and communities that provides ideas, how-to's, and resources on implementing youth-centered activities.

Admin/Staff Sub-committee:

Establish a group educational consultants within MANA who can:

  • Give staff development workshops to Islamic School teachers Give sensitivity training and Islamic history training to public school teachers
  • Create a comprehensive, sample lesson plan for public schools that revolves around the film, "Prince Among Slaves" and other such media.

Alternative Educational Committee:

Create a guide that explains alternatives such as:

  • Charter schools, home schooling, cooperative schools, etc.
  • The first step is to setup an email list, then fill the sub-committees and their leaders, then setup a time-frame for the drafts and conference organization.  
Thus, have We made of you an Ummat justly balanced, that ye might be witnesses over the nations, and the Messenger a witness over yourselves; and We appointed the Qibla to which thou wast used, only to test those who followed the Messenger from those who would turn on their heels (From the Faith). Indeed it was (A change) momentous, except to those guided by Allah. And never would Allah Make your faith of no effect. For Allah is to all people Most surely full of kindness, Most Merciful.

Quran: 2:143
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